Clean energy system operation & management services

Overview of System operation & management services

Any solar power system, upon commencing and energizing, requires operating services. Then, the plant needs to be regularly maintained to ensure the continuous operation of the system, minimizing risks and expanding the life cycle of machines, solar panels, etc. As recommended by the IFC, the proper maintenance of the solar power plant is essential to maximize its productivity and useful life. Optimal operations must achieve a balance between maximum power output and minimum costs.

For the purpose of an enclosed process to ensure solution quality (in 4 business areas), we have built and promoted “Management service”. This is deemed to be a solid foundation for creating a difference to make SolarBK the market leader.

System operation and management services include

  1. Supervise and monitor the solar power system (Supervise the performance of the solar power system. Conduct error detection and system diagnosis. Implement periodic inspection and evaluation at the plant. Perform remote supervision via Camera system)
  2. Maintain, repair/fix the system
  3. Implement system preventive maintenance (maintain inverters, connectors, filters, fuses, update firmware, upgrade and update hardware, prepare for testing and commissioning, etc.)
  4. Adjust the grid integration (Control capacity, voltage, reactive power and frequency; Forecast power output; Schedule power cutoff for maintenance purposes.
  5. Adjust the grid integration.
  6. Implement Condition Based Maintenance (CBM): Identify trends of the system and produce analysis reports; Make forecasts; Plan and take preventive actions.
  7. Perform plant maintenance.
  8. Provide technical services.
  9. Manage assets.

Outstanding features

solution feature
SolarBK's G.O&M solution has outstanding features to provide customers a peace of mind:

Thanks to the capacity of more than 2500 projects nationwide, especially the projects on islands in severe climatic conditions, SolarBK's qualified and experienced engineers have implemented and operated all systems in a smooth manner and secured their operation for many years.

With the strength of R&D and a professionally trained team, “Energy management and operation services” will ensure the implementation of: warranty, maintenance, and service for the entire project and construction work.

SolarBK's services apply to not only projects performed by SolarBK but also other projects at customers' requests.

How SolarBK distinguishes from other companies?

  • An experienced quick response team gives solutions to correct the problem within 4 hours.
  • The smart control integrated and SSOC™ - managed system is researched and developed by SolarBK. This solution allows customers to monitor and control remotely via an internet-connected device.
  • The policy of “Commitment to energy efficiency” is available
  • Continuous operation and performance optimization of the system are always ensured
  • Fastest maintenance and repair period is ensured
  • Full-time system supervision is provided
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