SolarBK Story

The sail of aspiration
Vietnam’s industry-leading corporation in Renewable Energy

When small dreams come together
When passion is kindled to development
When quintessence from previous generations is inherited
And when the word "Vietnam" echoes in great pride from our hearts
... The big dream soars ...

At SolarBK, we call it, Aspiration!

45 years of constant creation of sustainable values for Vietnamese nation

The Great Spring Victory in 1975 put an end to a succession of miserable days when our country was invaded; thus, opened a new era for Vietnamese nation. Because of undergoing such a fierce war which left our devastated country in misery, Vietnam heartily called for hands joined together to rebuild the country.

Back to 45 years ago, Vietnam was then a poor country, which could not connect electricity grid to the islands – the most critical positions always in need of energy for securing the national sovereignty. Those were the days when we were not in the know of WIND and SUN as endless energy sources. Lagged by the mankind’s civilization too far for too long a time, the whole nation shook off grief and losses to stand up again.

Seeing Vietnam's prospects from the SUN and WIND , with a keenness for scientific research, the young male musician put his guitar aside to pursue his research on green energy. The young female lecturer, who graduated with high-distinction degree in mechanical engineering in the Soviet Union, also determined to embark on the path of deploying applications of renewable energy in regions outside the national grid.

Although the starting point was different, the two of them shared the same ideal, ambition, and aspiration. With joint minds and efforts, they took steps on a fresh yet challenging path - They were among the first trail-blazers who laid the foundation for a very new industry in Vietnam - clean energy. They are known as the founders of SolarBK company.
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Successful small projects marked great aspirations of young Vietnamese people who dared to dream and made their dreams come true.

Those projects were the first wind energy villages in Vietnam with nearly 1,000 small wind engines with batteries installed at Thieng Lieng Can Gao Hamlet, Can Gio District - HCMC, the islands of Vinh Nguyen Ward - Khanh Hoa - Nha Trang, and remote areas of more than 40 provinces and cities nationwide. The local residents no longer had to use glimmering oil lamps; the light from the clean energy had bridged the distance between islands and mainland, bringing them spiritual richness and improving their living quality.

Especially, in the period of 2008 - 2010, SolarBK was the first Vietnamese company in the clean energy field to perform the mission of "LIGHTING UP TRUONG SA ISLANDS".

SolarBK's engineering team – Regardless of weather conditions, those "badgeless" soldiers passed thousands of nautical miles to bring clean energy to the entire Truong Sa Islands and DK rigs.

Thanks to that, "Truong Sa Islands shines brightly" strongly asserts the sovereignty over the sea and islands of Vietnamese people.

Continuing the journey with beloved Truong Sa Islands, SolarBK provided a solution to turn seawater into fresh water for Song Tu Tay island and the larger Truong Sa Islands, helping to improve the soldiers' material and spiritual live, who are protecting the sea and sky of our Fatherland.

SolarBK - A wholly Vietnamese owned company – prided ourselves in having won the Energy Globe Awards twice – The world’s most famous and prestigious award for such miracles.

The first clean energy ecosystem in Vietnam gradually established

Clean energy is not only the desire to express the mettle and aspiration of young Vietnamese people to devote to our country, but also the root of a sustainable development of an entire Vietnamese nation. In this aspect, the World has surpassed Vietnam for decades, but we can still keep up if we are able to inherit research achievements from the World and invest extensively to create products and solutions well on par with international standards.

45 years ago, it could be believed that this thought was not feasible for an extremely poor country that constantly lacked electricity. And yet, at the moment, that scenario can be brought to life in full.

Over the past 15 years of establishment and development, SolarBK has persistently pursued the aspiration of achieving clean energy and realized the dream of bringing clean electricity to thousands of Vietnamese homes through more than 2,500 projects across the country.

Most proudly, SolarBK dared to accept challenges, overcame restrictions in policies, human and financial resources in order to gradually complete the value chain of Technology - Production - Finance – Trade. SolarBK is determined to escalate a budding industry in Vietnam - the clean energy industry.

Holding on to this goal, SolarBK restructured to become a Corporation with member companies such as SolarBK, IREX, SolarESCO, SolarGATES, etc. Each of those links was reconnected to invest intensively in technology and production, and the quality was proven through international awards (The Smarter E in Europe, Sustainable Energy Award, etc.) for the purpose of reaching the peak aspiration: Making our community a happy, worth-living place and sharing many better cultural values. In which, renewable energy is the core foundation.

All links were interconnected to claim the ultimate aspiration: Making our community a happy and worth-living place and sharing many better cultural values. In which, renewable energy is the core foundation for connecting civilizations.
Discovery of the complete value chain

History of establishment & development

15 years

of Establishment and Development

650 MWp

Solar power is supplied to Vietnam market

The aspiration to create a smart Green world using clean energy

Despite being just a small Vietnamese enterprise, SolarBK has harbored boundless aspirations, for our community and for the prosperous development of our country. We are all believers of one thing: as long as we contribute together, share the same dreams, aspirations, with trust and power of knowledge, every small butterfly can be a game-changer. With technologies and intellect of Vietnamese people, with bold investments that drive research and development (R&D), we aspire to use our clean energy solutions and applications to connect with the green communities in Vietnam and over the world. This way also enables SolarBK to take the proactive stance in the supply chain and play part in making Vietnam ​​bright on the world map of clean energy.

Together, let's put our trust in the value that we have pursued, in the mission that each one has been destined to complete in his/her own life, to create wonders for us all.

"Aspire to differentiate, differentiate to lead, lead to succeed"

Brand identity of SolarBK
"Based on our preceding research foundation in Vietnam Polytechnic University, plus our unceasing passion and creativity in clean energy, we always move forward and take the lead"