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Rooftop solar power solutions for households

About BigK

BigK is a smart solar power solution for households and small businesses. BigK's capacity ranges from 2 kWp to 50 kWp, including 1-phase & 3-phase systems. Families with electricity bills of 1 million VND or more will benefit the most from our BigK solution to save electricity cost.

Researched and developed by SolarBK technical team with more than 40 years of experience, BigK solution consists of a complete value chain, including technology, production, finance, construction, and operation to maximize efficiency for our customers.

Main components of BigK solar power solution

  1. Solar panel IREX, brought straight out from IREX factory - a member of SolarBK
  2. Inverter BigK
  3. Frame, rack, wire, accessories
  4. SSOC - Smart monitoring technology
  5. Power output insurance from BIC

Outstanding features

solution feature

On-grid solar power system (grid connected) is a popular solution because:

  • Saves energy, optimizes economic benefits, and helps reduce CO2 emission in the environment.
  • Residual electricity will be bought back by EVN at the price of 1,934 VND / kWp. Thus, using solar power not only saves costs and protects the environment but is also an effective investment strategy.

Outstanding advantages of BigK solar power solution

  • IREX brand solar panels, brought straight from IREX factory - a member of SolarBK
  • Internationally certified solar cells: Carefully monitored from factory to the project destination- Traceable. - Poly, Mono
  • Guaranteed output: Guaranteed by a 3rd party (BIC)
  • Committed that the output capacity of the panels will reach 80% in 25 years; guaranteed by MunichRe - the largest insurance company in the world.
  • Supplier reputation: SolarBK has had 45 years of research background and more than 12 years of establishment; Won many international awards for project implementation; Developed hundreds of projects nationally and internationally
  • SSOC smart monitoring system is a uniquely-designed monitoring software for Vietnamese people, user-friendly (customizable with fully-developed management functions, online maintenance, and frequent upgrade)

implementation process

SolarBK implements a thorough and methodical implementation process to ensure the best quality at each stage from consultation, planning, operating, and monitoring the system.

Consulting and surveying

Step 1

Designing solution

Step 2

Signing contract

Step 3

Installing the system

Step 4

Processing the final payment and connecting the system to EVN

Step 5
Vì sao chọn làm việc tại SolarBK


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With the government's incentive policies, this is considered the best time to install solar power system, helps to optimize investment efficiency for your family.

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