Information Security & Privacy Policy Statement

General rules

1.1 This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as: “Privacy Policy”) is issued by Bach Khoa Investment & Development Of Solar Energy Corporation, tax code: 0304194942, address: 47 Le Van Thinh, Quarter 5, Binh Trung Dong Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (referred to as “SolarBK”) applies to any organization or individual accessing, registering, products, services, websites & applications are provided by SolarBK.
1.2 Users in this Policy are understood to include: Customers (Buyer), other organizations, and individuals accessing, registering, providing/using products, services, websites, applications are provided by SolarBK.
1.3 SolarBK recognizes the importance of personal data that the Customer has entrusted to SolarBK and believes that SolarBK has the responsibility to manage, protect and handle the Customer's data appropriately. This Privacy Policy helps the Customer understand how SolarBK collects, uses, discloses, and/or processes personal data that Customer has provided to SolarBK and/or stores Personal Data about Customer, whether now or in the future, and to help you make an informed decision before providing us with any of your Personal Data.
1.4 This Privacy Policy relates to the entry, processing, use, disclosure, and storage of Personal Data by SolarBK and/or its subsidiaries, affiliates, associated with SolarBK, management, partners, employees, employees, or consultants of SolarBK (“Representative”). Personal Data includes information and data about Customers that SolarBK holds or collects directly or indirectly from Customer providing SolarBK, or information collected through Customer accessing, registering, providing/use products, services, websites, or applications provided by SolarBK, or from information and data sources of Customers under the provisions of the law.

Personal Data Processing Facility

2.1 By accessing, registering, using SolarBK's products, services, websites, and/or applications provided by SolarBK, the User acknowledges, accepts, and agrees to the provisions of this Privacy Policy. This Confidentiality, and hereby the User consents, authorizes SolarBK and/or the Representative to collect, process, use, disclose and store Personal Data under this Privacy Policy. If the User does not agree to allow SolarBK to collect, process, use, disclose and store his or her Data as set out in this Privacy Policy, the User is requested not to use the products or services, or do not access the website or applications provided by SolarBK.
2.2 The User may withdraw consent to allow SolarBK and/or the Representative to process Personal Data by giving them notice of this. In this case, the User notes that the withdrawal of consent will not affect the legality of the previous processing of Personal Data based on his consent, and the Data Personal will continue to be stored following applicable law. In addition, when the User refuses to provide or provides incomplete or inaccurate requested information or complies with legal obligations, SolarBK may not provide the User with products, full service, and quality as declared.
2.3 The User agrees not to provide SolarBK/Representative with any inaccurate or misleading information and the User agrees to notify SolarBK of any incorrect or misleading information or when information changes.
2.4 Users should be aware that the Internet is not a secure form of communication, and that all risks associated with sending and receiving information through the Internet include the risk of unauthorized access and interference by third parties. Information transmitted over the Internet may have to be transmitted across many countries and territories (even if the sender and receiver reside in the same country or territory), in which there are countries and territories where the law on privacy and data protection is not as complete as the law in the country or territory where the User resides. SolarBK/Representative is not responsible or liable for the confidentiality, security or integrity of User's Personal Data when such data is transmitted over the Internet.

Privacy statement

3.1 SolarBK is committed to complying with the following principles in the process of collecting, processing, using and disclosing Personal Data:
3.2 In addition to the above provisions, SolarBK is committed to complying with other principles prescribed by law on the protection of personal data, especially those related to the rights of the owners of Personal Data.

Personal Data Collection

SolarBK collects Users' Personal Data from various sources listed below. SolarBK may collect, link and combine the User's Personal Data to create the best conditions for the User to provide/use products, services, websites, applications provided by SolarBK.
4.1 Collect Personal Data when User provides to SolarBK
4.2 Collection of Personal Data when Users use products, services, websites, and applications are provided by SolarBK:
Information of transactions (time, place ...).
4.3 In addition to the sources of Personal Data as specified in clauses 4.1 and 4.2, SolarBK collects Personal Data from other sources following the laws on the protection of personal data, especially the regulations regarding the rights of the holder of Personal Data, including but not limited:
Purpose Of Data Collection

5.1 Provide products and services to Users:
5.2 Offer a Frequent User Program SolarBK uses User's Personal Data to:
5.3 Compliance with accounting and tax regulations SolarBK collects, stores and uses the Personal Data of Users for internal corporate purposes such as record keeping and compliance with legal obligations regarding accounting, sales invoices, taxes as required by law. provisions of current law.
5.4 Care and support for Users SolarBK uses Personal Data to provide Users with User Care Services as follows:
5.5 Contacting Users
SolarBK uses Personal Data to contact Users via email, phone call, SMS, postal; or other forms of notice to perform the provision of services of SolarBK at the request of the User or in case of necessity.
5.6 Direct Marketing
For marketing purposes for SolarBK's products and services and/or third parties (including but not limited to: business partners and affiliates), SolarBK may sell, market or promote, whether such products or services are present or created in the future. SolarBK may communicate to market to Users via email, phone call, SMS, postal messages, or other forms of notification to send marketing information to Users. If the User wishes to unsubscribe from the processing of Personal Data for marketing purposes, the User may send a notice requesting cancellation via the unsubscribe link in emails and messages or reject incoming calls.
5.7 Research, Development and Security
SolarBK may use Personal Data that SolarBK collects for testing, research, analysis and development of products and services. This enables SolarBK to understand and analyze the needs and preferences of the User, protect the User's Personal Data, and improve and enhance the safety and security of its products, services, website, applications provided by SolarBK, development of new features, products and services.
5.8 Ensuring security, safety and legal issues. SolarBK uses Personal Data of Users to protect the safety of Users and others when providing/using services by:
In addition, SolarBK uses Personal Data of Users in connection with division, separation, merger, acquisition, joint venture, sale of company assets, consolidation, restructuring, financing, financial transactions property or acquire all or part of SolarBK's business.
5.9 For other purposes
Do Not Share Personal Data

SolarBK will not provide or disclose User's Personal Data to any third party, except in some cases necessary for the performance of one or more of the purposes of collecting Personal Data stated in this Policy. This Security is as follows:
Use of Cookies

7.1 Cookies are small data files that are placed on the User's devices when accessing the website or applications are provided by SolarBK or when the User accesses SolarBK or online advertisements or provided to SolarBK. Cookies and similar technologies are used to identify the User's device for the following purposes:
Allows SolarBK's server to determine whether the cookies set by the User are enabled or disabled and from which SolarBK can learn what data can be collected from the User.
7.2 These cookies may be installed on the User's device by SolarBK or by third parties on behalf of SolarBK (for example: advertising networks or service providers such as web traffic analytics). Most websites or mobile applications are set up to accept cookies. The User may still choose to “Do not accept” cookies by changing the settings on his browser and application, but if the User blocks all cookies, including essential cookies, some functions on the website or applications provided by SolarBK will not work properly.


To the extent permitted by law, SolarBK may record, camera record and monitor electronic communications between Users and SolarBK to ensure compliance with legal, regulatory obligations and policies. SolarBK's internal policies for Personal Data collection purpose.

Methods for Users to Access, Adjust, and Remove their Personal Data

The User has the right to self-check, update, correct or cancel his/her personal information:
Storage of Personal Data

SolarBK will store the Personal Data provided by the User in the process of providing products or services or until the purpose of collection is fulfilled or when the User requests to destroy, delete or prevent access and use of Personal Data provided, except where applicable law allows or requires that User's Personal Data shall be stored for a longer period or a definite period, SolarBK shall comply with the statutory obligation to store User's Personal Data.

Linked Websites and Applications

This Privacy Policy of SolarBK does not apply to affiliated websites and applications of third parties where online advertisements for products, services, websites, applications are placed. applications of SolarBK or to third-party websites and applications that SolarBK does not operate or control

Amendment and Supplement of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be amended and supplemented from time to time and periodically reviewed by SolarBK. SolarBK reserves the right to amend and supplement the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy at any time by posting on SolarBK's website and/or applications provided by SolarBK. By continuing to access, register, use products, services, websites or applications provided by SolarBK after any amendments, updates or modifications to this Privacy Policy, the User agrees to accept amendments and supplements from SolarBK.

Information Collection and Management Unit

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This Privacy Policy was revised and updated on November 9th, 2021. Personal Data previously collected, processed, used, disclosed and stored will continue to be collected, processed, used, disclosed and kept in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy.