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We understand that profit plays a crucial role in a company's existence and growth. Notwithstanding, merely seeking profit without any ambition, ideal or even a dream, that is too uninspired and monotonous.

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Why work at SolarBK

SolarBK is a convergence of small yet ambitious people whom share an aspiration that Vietnam will shine on the world map of clean energy. We come together with TRUST, grow together with LEARNING, stay ahead of the curve with CREATIVITY, overcome challenges with PERSISTENCE and be genuinely bound with COLLECTIVE SPIRITS. Built on these core values, SolarBK has become an open environment where everyone can maximize his/her personal development and contribute more to the community.

Salary, bonus and allowance

Salary, bonus and allowance

KPI Bonus, Tet bonus, seniority bonus, etc,...

Healthcare and insurance

Healthcare and insurance

Social insurance, health insurance, 24/24 personal accident insurance, maternity pay,...

Spiritual life

Spiritual life

Teambuilding, family travel, Thank God It's Friday,…

Career opportunities

Career opportunities

Join many external and internal courses

And many other attractive remunerations...

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Humans of SolarBK

Nguyen Duong Tuan


SolarBK does not aim to dominate the market by destroying other competitiors. We look forward to working with them to share the market and support each other in order to compete with foreign companies. In addition, SolarBK is determined to grow beyond the border of Vietnam, concentrating on building a strong and enthusiastic team to develop a world-class Vietnamese brand - a true ethnic enterprise.

Ms. Hoang Thi Uyen

Operating Director - SolarESCO

A job bringing me passion and creativity so that every morning I wake up and feel refreshed, energized, and never have the feeling of “being afraid when thinking about work”. I am satisfied! Otherwise, I would not have given up job opportunities in line with my family's wishes.


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