BigK+ - The Solar Power Solution

Industrial solar power solution, BigK+, helps enterprises develop sustainably

Overview of BigK+

BigK+ is an industrial solar power solution which SolarBK researches, develops ad provides for corporate clients with large electricity demand from 50 kWp to 1.2 MWp.

We offer 2 solution packages of BigK+

  1. Standard package: Design comprehensive solution (excluding supply of electrical cables, accessories, frames & racks, construction and installation).
  2. Advanced package: Complete solution package for customers.
BigK+ is used widely in industrial zones, export processing zones, shopping centers, etc. EVN and many leading enterprises such as Vincom, ICD Tan Cang, TongHong, etc. have selected BigK+.

BigK+ is a solution of SolarBK - a brand that has been up and running for 45 years. SolarBK completed the vertical integration chain in the industry and implemented many large projects across the country.

BigK+ is deployed by a team of experts, fulfilling the requirements on project progress and project quality.

Outstanding features

solution feature
With more-than-45-years experience in research and development as well as over-15-year reputation in the market, SolarBK's BigK+ rooftop solar power system is the ultimate selection of domestic and international enterprises, as well as individual clients.

For investment efficiency:
With BigK+ package, enterprise will cut down 30 - 70% of their monthly electricity cost, thus increasing profits. The Company also commits to payback during the output insurance period. Especially, if using IREX panels, clients are entitled to financial aid package from Banks. BigK+ offers a competitive and transparent price without implicit cost. When using BigK+, the panels do not take up too much space for installation and provide thermal resistance for the building.

For the brand
Implementation of BigK+ solution means the Green brand image of enterprise is further promoted in the eyes of the public. Với gói BigK+, doanh nghiệp sẽ giảm được 30-70% chi phí tiền điện hàng tháng, giúp gia tăng lợi nhuận. Công ty cũng cam kết hoàn vốn trong thời gian bảo hiểm sản lượng. Đặc biệt, nếu dùng tấm pin IREX, khách hàng sẽ được Ngân hàng hỗ trợ gói tài chính. BigK+ đưa ra mức giá cạnh tranh, minh bạch, không lo chi phí ẩn. Khi dùng BigK+, khách hàng không tốn diện tích lắp đặt và góp phần chống nóng cho tòa nhà hiệu quả. Triển khai giải pháp BigK+ là doanh nghiệp xây dựng thêm hình ảnh thương hiệu Xanh trong cộng đồng

BigK+, Vietnamese solution with international standards, offers reassurance to Vietnamese people

  • The Vietnamese brand that meets international standards: Made-in-Vietnam products with European and American standards. The solution won two Energy Globe Awards.
  • Having its own solar panel plant: SolarBK has its own solar panel plant (IREX) that meet international standards, helping clients buy products at source with the attractive price, check for product quality, and get warranty directly from the plant. 100% panels used in BigK+ are classified as Grade A, offering higher performance than similar products. IREX panels are warranted by Munich Re - the leading insurance company in clean energy.
  • The only company to apply the insurance package for 90% power output: BigK+ is the only unit that provides the insurance package for 90% power output from the third party, BIC.
  • Exclusive technology: BigK+ has the sole right to deploy SSOC – a monitoring software to show Vietnamese maps, and strongly affirm Vietnam’s sovereignty over islands.
  • 10-year warranty: 10-year warranty from BigK+ for the whole system and output.

Implementation process

SolarBK conducts a thorough and systematic process to implement the project, ensuring the best quality at each stage, including consultation, planning, construction, operation and monitoring of the system.

Survey the actual conditions to collect input

Step 1

Confirm cooperation

Step 2

Make a plan

Step 3

Select the plan (EPC Contract/EP Contract)

Step 4

Acceptance and connection

Step 5
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When electricity price is ever increasing while many enterprises are constantly expanding their scale, solar power would be a promising alternative in line with the new trend.

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