SSOC Monitoring Technology

Smart and exclusive energy monitoring technology from SolarBK

SSOC monitoring technology

SSOC™ is developed on HORUS technology platform, implemented by the R&D team of SolarBK. SSOC™ has the following strengths:

  1. because SSOC™ utilizes both wired (Ethernet) and wireless (GSM) connections. The automatic backup function enables SSOC™ to synthesize data, provide forecasts and suggest smart troubleshooting.

  2. High compatibility: connect to the solar system which is newly installed or previously installed.

  3. High applicability: manage, monitor and optimize the use of a lot of green and renewable energy equipment such as: Solar water heater (SWH); Power supply system (Green Power). Thanks to Green Power, SSOC supervises and operates the solar power system; Hybrid wind-solar energy system; Hybrid wind-solar and generator energy system and Solar street lights.

  4. The energy efficiency is optimized in combination of SSOC with BMS and BTS (building management system BMS; base telecommunication station BTS).

Outstanding features

solution feature
Time-saving: The system can be monitored 24/7 by customers via the website or Go SolarBK app on their phones and tablets.

Efficiency control and optimization: SSOC™ helps customers to evaluate the real efficiency of the system. In addition, the data source is regularly monitored and analyzed by experts, thus optimizing the operational efficiency.

Demand-based customization: SSOC™ can be integrated into SolarBK's system and other customers' existing systems, such as: BMS (Building Management System.

Quick information: SSOC™ automatically backs up and systemizes data; thereby, giving warnings and smart solutions

Data safety: Advanced security by Norton Secured

Enhanced nationality: Honoring the national sovereignty
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