Complete Value Chain

Complete Value Chain

The complete value chain of SolarBK is a series of processes: research - production - solution design - distribution - installation – smart operation & monitoring that are linked together closely and professionally, which ensures quality control and reduction in operating expenses by optimizing the linkage performance at each process; thus lowering product costs.

Value chain model

IREX – Active in production and quality control from the very beginning

IREX owns a factory with a capacity of up to 350 MWp and 100% automated machinery (solar cells and modules), following international-standard laboratory for researching new technologies.

Made-in-Vietnam technology - International standard: globally certificated products

SolarBK – Active in Technology and Engineering Solutions

SolarBK is an incubator in which research items are transformed into applications, and cultivate experts in the clean energy field. SolarBK is responsible for deploying R&D and EPC (Engineering - Procurement - Construction) services - from preparation of project formulation to design, supply of equipment, technology, construction, operational inspection, and package handover for investors.

Provide O&M services and maintenance for the whole project with well-trained staff and exclusive SSOC energy monitoring solution.

SolarESCO - Financial solution

Provide financial solutions for corporate clients who want to invest in large-scale clean energy projects. SolarESCO is designed to manage service for the energy system at clients’ business premises, and collect money based on the energy-saving efficiency of this system.

SolarGATES - Bringing clean energy to millions of Vietnamese households

Build a nationwide distribution system to bring solar power solutions, BigK and BigK+, and applications of clean energy with synchronous quality to the community.

SolarGATES also partners with insurance companies and financial institutions to add more values to our clients.

Sustainable development

iconTOGETHER we can build a smart GREEN world

Over the past 15 years, SolarBK has always pursued the aspiration of bringing clean energy to the community, offering an opportunity for everyone to partly contribute to building a greener and smarter living environment.