Our efforts in raising living quality

There is no shortcut in the journey of uplifting Vietnam position but to start from the necessities of our people.

The powerful SolarBK company today reflects our experiences of many years spent with Truong Sa Islands. We are proud that the name SolarBK is also carved on the memorial stone stele at the larger Truong Sa Island and Dong Tu Tay Island as the "The Master Project of Clean Energy and Lighting for Truong Sa Islands and the DK1 rigs". As soon as the whole group of islands was lit up with the electric light, the sense of responsibility and values which SolarBK had contributed to the society came truly alive. There is no shortcut in the journey of uplifting Vietnam position but to start from the necessities of our people. How many families still suffer a life with oil lamps and natural wind, and their children still have to study in dim light? How many localities are not able to develop their economy just because the electricity lines haven’t been connected? With our high-quality products, with the skill and brains of the technical team, with our hearts and our always "renewed" energy, we are putting all our efforts in every project to help improve the community's living quality, and join hands to create a brilliant future for our Fatherland.

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Constantly foster the next generation

In addition to the entrepreneurial spirit which has always been fostered during the journey of building and developing our brand, the greatest pride of SolarBK is our commitment to train and nurture the next generation.

Founded by elite teachers who are always dedicated to researching and educating, SolarBK believes that the highest value we are creating every day, through each of our activities, is to seed the awareness of environmental protection and efficient use of energy instead of relying on "Golden forest, Silver sea" in every individual, team or community that we approach. In addition, we focus on providing training activities, awarding scholarships, creating spaces for learning - sharing new knowledge on renewable energy with intellectual youths, and having specific plans for this model to be widely adopted.

Solar Heart – Spreading the community-oriented spirit

We understand that, "regeneration" is nothing more than the active energy constantly being circulated - the happy smile that never disappears.

Annually, in addition to the business development plans, we make plans for social activities by heading to establishments, localities, schools which are lacking behind, and bringing joys by providing them with free electricity for lighting, living, and production. Social activities of SolarBK are being diversified into many areas to reach different audiences. Therefore, not only do we build the spirit of "Contributing energy – Spreading love" at SolarBK, but we also offer to our customers the opportunity to build a better life for everybody.

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