ESCO Financial Solutions

Solution to lease part or the whole clean energy system (Solar PV/Solar hot water)

Overview of ESCO

ESCO (Energy Service Company) is a financial model offered to enterprises that need to use solar power without the investment capacity. Upon reviewing some certain criteria, SolarBK, as an investor, will provide the entire solution, including consultation, design, construction - installation, operation, financial solution, and service management for the energy system installed at the client’s business-production premise (factories, residential areas, hotels, enterprises, etc.). The investor collects earnings based on the energy-saving efficiency brought by this system.
  1. The system is also assured of power efficiency and service quality
  2. The power selling price is equal to or lower than the current power price published by EVN.
  3. No prepayment and deposit required.
  4. During the contract term, SolarESCO is responsible for the operation, maintenance, installation and recycling of the system.
  5. Remote management technology via (Solar System Operation Center - SSOC) to uphold professional maintenance and prompt troubleshooting if any.

Outstanding features

solution feature
SolarBK invests in the systems to meet two primary needs of our customers: solar hot water and solar power.

Customers can have a peace of mind as SolarBK is also a pioneer in offering the SMBG program (Solar Money Back Guarantee - Commitment to energy saving with cash back).

In addition to the fundamental strengths of research, technology and experienced technical team, SolarBK also partners with domestic and foreign financial organizations to meet the needs of domestic and international customers in a best way.

The ESCO model in the solar power field is one of the most effective investment solutions, which has been applied by many enterprises. Without an investment capital, enterprises are able to save 30% - 70% of the annual energy expenses.

Customer's benefits

  • No capital invested
  • Free of technological concerns
  • No operating costs
  • Clean energy use
  • Increased brand value
  • Enhanced competitiveness

How SolarBK distinguishes from other companies?

  • Owning manufacturing plant of photovoltaic cells and solar panels following international standards and eligible for exporting to the US and European markets.
  • Having a representative office in the US to ensure prompt execution in the international market.
  • Having highly qualified and experienced consulting/construction team.
  • Holding its own design system (VIP Design) in line with every type of project.
  • Integrating remote management technology via SSOC™ (Solar System Operation Center) to uphold professional maintenance and prompt troubleshooting if any.

Implementation process

SolarBK conducts a thorough and systematic process when implementing project to ensure the best quality for each stage, from consultation, planning to construction, system operation and monitoring.

Surveying - consulting - designing - evaluating feasibility

Step 1

System monitoring

Step 2

Investment and provision of equipment, installation, operation management

Step 3

Supply of solar hot water/solar power

Step 4

Payments on a monthly basis by customers

Step 5
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