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SolarBK's culture and development direction

SolarBK does not aim to dominate the market by destroying other competitiors. We look forward to working with them to share the market and support each other in order to compete with foreign companies. In addition, SolarBK is determined to grow beyond the border of Vietnam, concentrating on building a strong and enthusiastic team to develop a world-class Vietnamese brand - a true ethnic enterprise.
Con người SolarBK
We know that a business needs to be profitable to survive and thrive. However, if you just run after profit without an aspiration, an ideal or simply a dream, the work will be too monotonous and boring. Therefore, we decided to choose our own path right from the time of establishment - a road that very few businesses dared to take path and implement. There are two things we are sure of; one is to always set out to conquer new challenges, break out of our own limit of creativity and endurance. Second, we need to consider them as opportunities to grow with like-minded people who believe in the success of the team and want to share the victories together. This is the driving force that helps us keep our faith in the future. At SolarBK we call it A SPIRATION.

The ASPIRATION to demonstrate the bravery of Vietnamese youth,
The ASPIRATION to prove that Vietnamese people are not inferior to other countries
The ASPIRATION to build our own national brand

Of course, having an ASPIRATION is one thing, making it happen is another thing. What does SolarBK have besides the belief that “SUCCESS originates from ASPIRATION"?

Starting a company is not difficult. Finding the type of business or a product to sell is not difficult. Creating profits, making money are not easy, but it is not impossible. So what makes a difference among companies? What makes SolarBK different?

We realized that, to be successful, we had to be extremely passionate about what we were doing and, in particular, had to choose what we could do best to become the best in that area. That was the reason why SolarBK chose to pursue the solar and wind energy industries. We were passionate about renewable energy and clean energy, but we only truly had expertise in wind and solar energy. If any of you have read Jim Collins's "GOOD to GREAT", you will appreciate the Hedgehog theory. [1]

Unlike other companies in the market and were a bit unfamiliar with the business culture at that time (2006-2010), SolarBK did not focus on profit optimization. SolarBK's focus was on creating a playground for young people to explore and develop their abilities, as well as directing our growth towards benefiting the community. Looking back, it was indeed a crazy goal for a start-up, especially for a company without any strong support in finance or human resources. However, we still believed that if we would just do the best to benefit our customers and the community, the profit would sooner or later arrive. That is why even until today, SolarBK's goal is not to maximize profits for any specific group of people. We offer attractive incentive programs so that all SolarBK employees can enjoy the fruits of their labor together.

Also, SolarBK does not aim to dominate the market by destroying other competitiors. We look forward to working with them to share the market and support each other in order to compete with foreign companies. In addition, SolarBK is determined to grow beyond the border of Vietnam, concentrating on building a strong and enthusiastic team to develop a world-class Vietnamese brand - a true ethnic enterprise.

SolarBK heavily prioritizes building a solid cultural foundation for the company. Besides establishing our core values to reflect that ideology, we gather and work with passionate young individuals to together turn our dreams into a reality. Incorporating young people in our system for important positions is a big risk because they might lack experience and expertise, especially soft skills such as management, leadership, planning, human resource management, etc. However, the biggest advantage and also the greatest asset of our team is the FIGHTING SPIRIT in each individual – the ambition to prove themselves and learn from one another. Moreover, their inertia is almost neglectable. The weight of family and money has not yet created a burden that could extinguish the fire in them. Traits such as youthful enthusiasm, intelligence, risk-taking and passion for work are expected to be the main driving force of the company to move forward and overcome all obstacles.

SolarBK's future, therefore, has been decided to be put in the hands of such young people.

Adhering to this direction, the selection of human resources, as well as our working principle at SolarBK, are built on the basis of TRUST among members in the same team. We accept members with limited expertise and skills, as this is completely trainable. We have only one never-changing principle to always ensure TRUST in our company. One violation and you will never have a chance to come back. Professional problems can be adjusted, but TRUST is something that cannot be fixed.

In addition, SolarBK also focuses on building an equally strong team, regardless of any individual, superstar, or important positions in the board of directors. TEAMWORK and coorperation to solve problems are always the number one priority in the company. Work efficiency is the basis for SolarBK to offer support and provide a desirable work environment for our employees’ development. We appreciate the contributions of our employees in the past, but their current performance, their working spirit, and their future career aspirations are the main basis for us to decide whether to promote or fire that person. If you only complete your assignments, you will only be considered as completing the task and placed in the Fair-Average group. SolarBK's culture does not simply accept a team full of fair-average people. Therefore, we always try to motivate every employee to complete their job well and better than expected. In order to reinforce, maintain and continuously develop this spirit, SolarBK regularly organizes TeamBuilding sessions covering many different topics, from "Sharing", "Aspiration" to "Perseverance" etc.

In order to best advance our development and self-improvement process, SolarBK always tries to learn from our predecessors and leading experts in the industry. NEVER STOP LEARNING is one of SolarBK's core cultural values. This is also a must-have quality of all employees as well as any candidate when applying for the company. We always remind ourselves that we still have many shortcomings, so we must constantly learn. Learn from our teachers and schools. Learn from our colleagues. Learn from past practices. And most importantly, learn from your FAILURES. We will constantly improve and thrive to never repeat the same error twice.

Furthermore, CREATIVITY is one of SolarBK's fundamental strengths. All SolarBK employees are always encouraged to be creative and not to follow the same path. We invest in building many programs promoting creavity breakthrough within our employees. SolarBK's endgoal is to make creativity an indispensable habit, and be carried out naturally by people without being conditioned. This is SolarBK's core program to create strength from within; in turn, helps the company maintain its leading position and brings joy to all employees through their achievements. SolarBK also aims to elevate small creations into pioneering inventions in the clean energy industry and step by step declares Vietnamese wisdom to the world - affirming a proud Vietnamese brand.

And finally, PERSEVERANCE is the glue that holds SolarBK's all qualities together, forming a strong, enthusiastic and creative team. Possessing a superteam with these traits, together with the current favourable market, we firmly believe that SolarBK is on the right track and we can hold our future in our hands.

[1] The Hedgehog does not know much more than to ruffle its spines for self-defense; but the Fox, with may cunning tricks, still cannot eat the hedgehog. Simply put, no matter how delicate the trap is, the Hedgehog can ruffle its spines; and the Fox, even if it catches the Hedgehog, still cannot eat it. Therefore, just do what you do best and your chances of success will still be higher than trying to do things you don't know well. Otherwise, you will always be a latecomer.


Ms. Hoang Thi Uyen

Operating Director - SolarESCO