• Với việc đoạt giải thưởng Năng Lượng Toàn Cầu năm 2012, “Dự án tổng thể năng lượng sạch và chiếu sáng quần đảo Trường Sa và Nhà Dàn DK”đã góp phần giới thiệu quần đảo Trường Sa với thế giới đồng thời khẳng định chủ quyền thiêng liêng của Tổ quốc.


    The project is not only to ensure adequate supply of energy 24 / 24h combat service and activities for military and civilian Changsha, but also an important contribution in reducing CO2 emissions. Estimated system has helped save more than 620 liters of diesel / day, down more than 6 tons of CO2 emissions / day – one of the main agent causing the greenhouse effect and climate change.

    Assessment of the effectiveness of clean energy systems in Changsha, Mr. Le Xuan Than – Vice Chairman of Khanh Hoa Province, said: “District Spratly 2 communes and 1 town, outside the navy, School Sa is many households to settle and had the young citizens born here … life here is changing day by day thanks to the special attention of the government and people of the country, especially since clean energy source to shine into their homes. ” Vu Huy Loi – Fighter are working in the area Southwest Cay European ships also appreciated the efficiency of the project for the life of the people and the military on the island: “The day before the generator island commune only 6 hours a day, our night patrol found a flashlight, but now have to use less. The light pole using solar energy, installed just below the wind turbine column was illuminated throughout Europe Tau area, not only helps to better patrol at night, also help ships fishermen to moor is easier. ”

    The main practical effectiveness along with reducing CO2 emissions, help protect the earth’s environment that “overall project clean energy and lighting the Spratlys and the Orchestra DK” was Organizers Energy Awards global output in 2012, composed of experts representing the United Nations, United Nations industrial development Organization (UNIDO), the world Bank, the Council of the European renewable energy (EREC), research Institute Seibersdorf etc … unified global Energy Awards 2012 national areas or items Earth. Criteria for award of this category is the priority for solutions that help conserve natural resources and sustainable development of the green planet.

  • How to contact SolarBK to be consulted more about products/solutions?


    Customers can contact SolarBK directly as the following address:
    TTN 17, Tan Thoi Nhat Ward, District 12, HCMC
    Phone: (+84 8) 6255 8091/6255 8092 – Fax: (+84 8) 6255 8093
    Email: info@solarbk.vn  – Website: www.solarbk.vn
    Or through our official distributors & representative offices.

  • How does Solar Water Heater work?


    Solar water heating (SWH) is the conversion of sunlight into renewable energy for water heating using a solar thermal collector. Solar water heating systems comprise various technologies that are used worldwide increasingly.

    In a “close-coupled” SWH system the storage tank is horizontally mounted immediately above the solar collectors on the roof. No pumping is required as the hot water naturally rises into the tank through thermosiphon flow. In a “pump-circulated” system the storage tank is ground- or floor-mounted and is below the level of the collectors; a circulating pump moves water or heat transfer fluid between the tank and the collectors.

    SWH systems are designed to deliver hot water for most of the year. However, in winter there sometimes may not be sufficient solar heat gain to deliver sufficient hot water. In this case a gas or electric booster is used to heat the water.

  • How much does SolarBK’s Solar Water Heater cost?


    We have two product lines: CFP and VT, each product line has the capacity and different designs, so price is also different. Kindly contact our company for more information.
    Address: 11 TTN 17, Tan Thoi Nhat Ward, District 12, HCMC
    Phone: (+84 8) 6255 8091/6255 8092 – Fax: (+84 8) 6255 8093
    Email: info@solarbk.vn – Website: www.solarbk.vn

  • SolarBK’s product price range seems to be fairly higher than other brands, why is that?


    Our products are resulted from over 40 years reasearching of leading professors and experts in Vietnam. Besides that, we take after-sales service and products maintenance extremely seriously – which is a very rare thing in this market.

  • Differences between 2 product lines?


    VT product lines:
    – Absorb solar energy through 02 vacuum layer glass tube, produced under European standards and technology.
    – Fast heat absorbtion, the average temperature is 45 – 85oC, low investment costs. Life expectancy is about 15 years.
    – Cons:  Pipe faces the risk of being broken when a strong external pressure and cause water from the tank leak out. Also heat absorption efficiency decreases over time depending on the quality of vacuum level and VT tube.

    CFP product line:
    – Is flat and uses copper to absorb solar energy. Produced under European standards and technology.
    – Fast heat absorption, no water leaking evenwhen the glass is broken, the average temperature is 45 – 85oC, average investment cost, durability by time.
    – Cons: there may be a chemical reaction between water with copper pipe if water is saline or alkaline.

  • Does CFP line oxidized? Is it harmful to health?


    CFP products are made of black Chrome-plated copper foil or nickel (Serie D) are associated with copper tubes by ultrasonic welding techniques to ensure the ability to absorb heat as well as customers’s health. However, it also depends on the quality of the water being used, it might or might not have chemical reaction with the copper pipe. Therefore, customers should take water samples for testing (otherwise known water sources) and by consulting medical experts about the impact on the health of the substance in the water.

  • Is VT pipe replaceable?


    Yes, it is. But the input cold water need to be blocked beforehead.

  • Installation, warranty and maintenance conditions?


    – Free installation on flat roofs.
    – For pitched roof, there will be surcharges for irising costs such as required iron and steel to create holding frame system (which depends on house’s structure).
    – Free shipping within Ho Chi Minh City area.
    We are committed to be in line with our contract. While under warranty, the maintenance is once every six months. Requested maintenance is also responsed and executed in no longer than 48 hours.

  • What happen to my Solar Water Heater system when it rains?


    SolarBK’s Solar Water Heaters are designed to ensure the ability to retain heat and heat-loss level is <4 °C/16h.
    There is also electricity-used heat controller that ensures hot water is always available.

  • Is Solar system affected in winter?


    If there is still full sun and no fog, there is still a lot of hot water to be used. However, in winter, the weak sun reduces heat absorption performance. Therefore, there should be additional electrical heating controller to support hot water.

  • How to be SolarBK’s distributor?


    – Knowledge of the products. We do provide workshops and certificates

  • How long does it take to install solar water heater system to my house


    Time is vary individually.
    For flat roof: 1 day
    For pitched roof: 2-3 days.

  • How is SolarBK’s warranty policy?


    Warranty policy depands on the type of machines and specific equipment and is easily found on your warranty card. For maintenance we implement once every six months during warranty.
    We also has a very reliable and responsive customer service and maintenance team.

  • Is there any discount for me?


    Kindly follow us on FB (https://www.facebook.com/solarbk/) or website to be updated about our available promotions.

  • Are you Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic University (locally known as Bách Khoa University)?


    We originally are from Energy Research Center of Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic University, a lot of our leaders and employees are graduated from there as well, some of us also occasionally are guess instructors for the University.
    Currently, some of the projects that we are implementing are from National University and National Science & Technology Department.


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