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– High power Led street lamp-sp90 is applied to use the leading technology for rectangle light beam with high intensive and uniformity 0.5 (standard for street light 0, 4). The reflecting light is in bat-wing shape.

– The light protect lens ensures light focus and decreases light lost and produce the real color.

– The light cap is integrated of the dissipater with indurations and ability of 3600 rotation.

– It is easy to replace the existing one.

-The smart control system helps to maintain the stable operation of the power in all cases.

– Free light pollution: anti-dazzle to the drivers and to the households

– Anti-shocks due to different material from other light types which are made of glass.

– Friendly to environment; 80% energy savings compared with Mercury and Natrium lights.

-Perfect work with solar energy.


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  -  Cập nhật ngày 19/01/2018 - 12:28:43   -  SolarBK Tổng dung tích nước nóng NLMT  1,439.63 m3   -  SolarBK Tổng công suất điện NLMT  2,413.47 kWp   -  SolarBK Điện năng tiết kiệm và tạo ra  30,421.59 MWh   -  SolarBK Tổng số tiền tiết kiệm  78,700,654,506.68 VNĐ   -  SolarBK Khối lượng CO2 giảm phát thải  17,075,208.47 tấn
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