SUPPORTS      Solar Water Heater System Calculation

You wonder about saving cost for your family or business?
Your concern about the use of clean energy, yet have no idea where to begin?
You want to check the genuine warranty period of SolarBK product you just bought?
And evenmore, how to use SSOC?

We will answer all the concerns throughout this “Utility for Customers”.

  • “PV Rooftop Capacity” and “Solar Water Heater Capacity” help you calculate the amount of power or hot water you consume.
  • Veify your product’s authencity by choosing tab “Authenticity Verifier”, enter required product information to have the result within 2 minutes.
  • Do the same as above to the “Product Warranty Status”, we constantly update our product information to helps customers to look up whenever convenient.
  • “SSOC” helps to access your Solar Water Heater management system anytime, anywhere.

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