On 3/4 and 4/4/2019, The Solar Show 2019 – the biggest international clean energy conference in Vietnam will take place at GEM Center (8 Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, District 1, HCM City). This year, Terrapinn Pte is taking over the conference’s second time in Vietnam There are more than 3000 energy industry experts from many […]


On 3/4 and 4/4/2019, The Solar Show 2019 – the biggest international clean energy conference in Vietnam will take place at GEM Center (8 Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, District 1, HCM City). This year, Terrapinn Pte is taking over the conference’s second time in Vietnam

There are more than 3000 energy industry experts from many countries attend this event. Additionally, The Solar Show 2019 also attracts more than 100 companies to join the exhibition, where about 10% of which are domestic enterprises, with the newest product and solution in the energy industry. The conference also holds many discussions with more than 40 presentations about the latest success and innovations in the clean energy field.

Particularly, SolarBK attends The Solar Show with multiple roles, both as an attendee exhibiting the booth on the 3rd floor (3E10) and a speaker that presents the topic “Rooftop solar after July 2019: Insights from insiders” (Take place at 10:30 am-11h am, on 3/4/2019).

SolarBK is one of a few Vietnamese companies participating in The Solar Show along with other enterprises such as Nam A bank, DTP, Phan Vu Group, etc.

SolarBK has attended many international clean energy events such as Intersolar (from 2014 – 2018), SPI ( 2017-2018), and also achieved many awards at international events, such as the Global Clean Energy winner in 2012 and 2016, The Smarter E Award winner for the outstanding project in 2018, etc. These achievements imply SolarBK’s competitive stand in the international market.

This time, SolarBK joins The Solar Show to affirm our superior position, a Vietnamese clean energy company, within the “ home court” by our “made in Vietnam” products and solutions.

At the booth, SolarBK presents the topic “SolarBK ECOSystem – Solar for your business” to showcase the image of the first enterprise owning the integrated vertical chain. SolarBK also introduces the integrated vertical chain to the participants through VR experience activities, investment calculating tool for solar power project under ESCO concept, experts’ advice on solar energy solution.

Gian hàng trưng bày và tư vấn của SolarBK tại The Solar Show 2019

In the lecture of “Rooftop solar after July 2019: Insights from insiders”, Mr. Mai Van Trung – General manager of Business Development, represents SolarBK to analyze the market scenario after 30/6/2019 and suggest the solution as a pioneer in Vietnam solar power industry. He is also a judge of “The Energy Innovation Arena start-up”, which is a part of the general event.

Anh Mai Văn Trung diễn thuyết về chủ đề “Điện mặt trời sau 30_06-người trong cuộc nói gì”

According to the new draft of the Department of Industry and Trade, the solar power price applied after 30/06/2019 will be based on 4 radiation areas (geographically) and 4 types of productions (grid-tied, ground solar energy, accumulative system project, and rooftop solar energy). In particular, the rooftop solar power price is the highest.  Besides the balance price 9,35 cent/kWh (approximately 2.134 VND), this method attracts projects located at low radiation areas, at the same time disperse some projects to high radiation area such as Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan.

Đại diện của SolarBK-anh Mai Văn Trung diễn thuyết tại sự kiện

In fact, once being applied, the rooftop solar power price is still higher than that of other countries in the Southeast Asia area, especially Thailand and Malaysia which share similar weather conditions and labor cost. They also have an encouraging policy to develop solar power a long time ago and are now getting to a stable price period. Moreover, the electricity price has already increased by 8.36% at the end of this March. As a result, according to reality, the chance for Vietnamese solar power development is still very big attracting many domestic and international companies to invest in this field.

After years of researching and learning the market experience from many countries, this is the perspective of Vietnam solar power that SolarBK once predicted. Thus, the company has dedicated a long time to plan the development vision, and the in-depth development strategies through the integrated vertical chain from production, technology, engineering design, finance to construction, operation, and maintenance.

By completing the integrated vertical chain, the company can optimize the cost of each element with the sync quality, offer customers the best rooftop solar power solution in terms of investment. SolarBK is the only company in Vietnam that can totally complete the integrated vertical chain in the solar power field to become a strategic alliance of those potential foreign investors in Vietnam.

Khách hàng được tư vấn về hệ thống điện mặt trời BigK tại The Solar Show

Besides the customers’ direct investment form, SolarBK also has the joined investment form thanks to the ESCO concept, which is implemented by SolarESCO – a member of SolarBK’s integrated vertical chain. SolarESCO is a financial solution for businesses wishing to use solar power with flexible payment methods. As long as certain criteria are met, the enterprise will be invested a part or the whole system depends on the agreement (including installation, operation, infrastructure and risk management). The main subjects of this concept are enterprises, public business units that have a relatively large power consumption each year. Thanks to this concept, the enterprise will not take the initial investment cost and they can own the solar power system after the contract ends.

In order to help the solar power market development and make the ESCO concept works effectively, support from financial institutions (bank, insurance) is important. In fact, most banks used to hesitate in providing capital for companies. However, as the market expands and policies are revised with the encouragement of capital issue, leverage, banks now get involved in helping the solar power market grow and make it more potential. Besides, insurance institutions is also an important factor that helps businesses to trust in developing solar power. Currently, HD Bank has supported enterprise customer to invest in rooftop solar power. SolarBK is also working with the BIDV insurance company (BIC) to guarantee their projects.

The participation of SolarBK in The Solar Show 2019 not only introduces the Vietnamese enterprise position to international friends but also gives domestic and foreign companies a clear insight of the market. Vietnam solar power has great potential. However, without good preparation and the support from financial institutions and enterprises, Vietnam will lose the competitive advantage within our “home court” since many foreign companies always have a better experience and capital in this field.

Khách hàng quan tâm đến điện mặt trời được nhân viên SolarBK tư vấn


SolarBK, founded in 2006 with over 40 research years of professors, researchers from University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City, has become the leading R&D company offering products and solutions for renewable energy in Vietnam (solar energy and wind energy). Products supplied by SolarBK complete international standard and certifications, meet domestic as well as global demand, is exported to America, Tunisia, Turkey, and many European countries.

With perpetual effort and development, SolarBK has generated many subsidiaries in charge of each specific field of clean energy study. Meanwhile, IREX joint stock company is a clean energy manufacturer. Solar ESCO joint stock company offers business complete clean energy solution. Solar Gate company distributes clean energy equipment, apps, full solutions to household consumers.

SolarBK Holdings has demonstrated its potential through many national projects such as lighting system on Truong Sa islands ( won Global Energy 2012), seawater filter run by clean energy on Song Tu Tay island ( won Global Energy 2016), etc.


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