Sea water distiller system: SolarBK

Sea water filtration systems Mobile Solar-BK-SSW50 with filtration capacity from 30 to 50lit / h depending on the needs of the customer to use, works about 12 hours / day. The system can be used with any sea water / brackish water. The system can be integrated with solar power.

The control system has the ability to collect data remotely, be monitored through SSOC (

Application of reverse osmosis technology, the system efficiently removes dissolved solids (salt, inorganic contamination etc.), The bacteria without the use of toxic chemical treatment. With compact structure, particularly the frame and the device lin h be selected event has high corrosion resistance, the system is suitable for use in coastal and island regions, especially for use on fishing vessels. Combining solar, ideal system applicable in waters unfocused, distant neighborhoods, clinics, islands, resort, and especially on the fishing vessels off-shore fishing


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