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BoosteK Inverter

To meet the requirements of water supply with constant pressure, pressure stable output for the project using water heaters advanced industrial scale, inverter line FC202 is designed specifically dedicated in water and wastewater treatment, pump control run alternately pressurized / enhanced to 8 pumps, protected to IP68 level, the display 5 graphics parameters, capacity up to 1400Kw. Origin: Denmark – Europe imported goods of high quality. PID control features to the application in the system under closed loop control. The application of this inverter line into the water supply system will bring many advantages such as low cost, high degree of automation, full protection functions, easy operation and effective clear about saving water and energy consumption.

In addition to the design of individual components Modular, upgrades and controls each part very flexible, easy. A high safety features of the system, by designing and manufacturing industrial standards, focused and alert to the possibility of self-defense when an error.

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