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POSITION: Legal Manager

With more than 40 years of experience in researching Renewable Energy and 12 years of presence in market, SolarBK is the leading company in providing serviceable solutions for Renewable Energy. SolarBK continuously got talents so as to jointly expand its business into different aspects such as: Manufacturing, researching and development, architecture, finance, investment and education.

Legal Manager is responsible for executive in Legal Department, supervision in legal aspects of our business. Guaranteeing all of our businesses strictly follows law guidelines or related law, rules, regulations of our company, as well as follows resolutions of Board of Management and shareholders. Particular detail as following:

  • Considering and preparing the documents about contracts, draft of agreement, announcement paper and official dispatch.
  • Participate in drafting, modification, updating of the company’s rules and regulations, must ensure that they comply with the legislation.
  • Building the library system of acts and different regulations relating to our businesses and professional operations.
  • Executing, adjusting the contracts of our company such as: joint venture contract or principal contract.
  • Overseeing and implementing all the documents about intellectual property: product’s brand, trademark, monopoly products, and logo.
  • Representing of company to carry out legal procedures in the process of complaint, dispute and related legal proceedings.



  • At least 3 years in this position or related.
  • Graduated university or higher degree in law or the other majors relating.
  • Experiencing in monitoring and solving issues relating to capital investment, capital withdrawal, dispute … in the kind of Joint Stock Company.
  • Expertizing laws relating to Company’s operations: Corporate Law, Labor Law, regulations, legislations or other standards relating to the job being provided.
  • Computer Literacy: Office Informatics.
  • Foreign Language: English ( Fluent in 4 skills)


  1. Income:
  • Salary : Negotiations
  • Bonus Official holidays/ Tet award, working performance bonus and project completion bonus.
  • Having chance to raise your salary : at least once a year
  1. Benefits/Welfare
  • Opportunities to develop career path.
  • Travelling at least once a year along with sports activities: running, badminton, football.
  • All leaves comply with legislation.
  • Have a chance to join in ESOP after one-year working in our company.
  1. Working environment:
  • Open, friendly, enthusiastic environment and supportive colleagues.
  • Working time: from Monday to Friday.


  • What field our company operates in?


    Back Khoa investment and development of Solar Energy Corporation (SolarBK) was established in 2006; specializing in investment, production, trade of products and clean energy solutions, solar water heating system, solar batteries… on both industrial-scale and family-scale. During the process of formation and development, SolarBK has secured a solid position in the market of clean energy in Vietnam and is now a leading company in this field.

    Follow the development trend of the times, SolarBK desires to bring clean energy to daily life with a diverse range of applications that are friendly with everyone. Besides, the company also promotes scientific research activities, using the most advanced equipments to continue to make available the most perfect solutions.

  • Development opportunities in SolarBK?


    In order to build a professional and dedicated staff, at SolarBK, each member has an individual development program, according to the needs, the abilities and aspirations of each individual.

    The company focuses on practical internal training to improve and to enhance further our employees ‘ professional skills. In addition, we also give opportunities for our employees to participate in internal courses and external training programs for development of their professional skills as well as soft skills.

  • How is our company's welfare policy?

    • Teambuilding: The company annually organizes teambuilding events in order to let our employees have the opportunity to relax, to increase solidarity as well as to stimulate teamwork spirit.
    • Periodic health examination: the company annually organizes general health examination for employees, all the expenses are paid by SolarBK.
    • Sport activities: SolarBK regularly organizes sport events, tournaments with various types: jogging, soccer, badminton etc. in order to give our employees the opportunity to improve health.
    • Mental life is focused: SolarBK organizes periodic meetings for giving out present to employees on traditional holidays such as Lunar New Year or monthly Fruit party, birthday etc. for colleagues to connect with each other and for nurturing the bonds between departments.
  • What should be included in my resume? And how should I submit it?


    Your resume should include cover letter, CV, copies of relevant qualifications with written vacancy on the cover, or title.
    For convenience, we encourage you to submit your application via email.

  • What is your recruitment process?


    Receiving applications -> Selecting candidates -> Preliminary interview -> Tests (some vacancies are not required ) -> Final Interview -> Job offer

  • Who should I contact for concerns about my application?


    Please contact our HR department. Address: A18 Villas US US, Nguyen Hoang street, An Phu Ward, District 2. Phone: (+84.‎28) 7300 6759 – Ext: 505. Or email directly to:

  • When will I get the result of the interview? What is the interview test about?


    Our recruit specialist will inform you at the end of your interview. But usually is about 1-2 weeks.
    Our test involves a lot of knowledge, which focuses on:
    + Specialized knowledge
    + IQ
    + Language test
    + We also do appreciate candidates who are proven to be: confident, dynamic, innovative, good in communication and presentation skill.

  • If I were selected, where would be my working location?


    It totally depends on the position that you are applied for.

  • Does SolarBK have training course for employees?


    We have integration training program for new employees. In addition, we usually organize internal training sessions, short and long term professional training courses.


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