Sea water filters with clean energy_Song Tu Tay_Truong Sa

The project was implemented on Southwest Cay island (under the Spratlys – Vietnam), each day, the system can provide about 18,000 liters of clean water ..

Implementation period: 2015

Solution: application filtering technology to save energy seawater, is operated by wind power, solar power was installed earlier on the island. The project includes:

1 model for the floating islands, including: wind power, solar energy, sea water filters 2 large capacity 250 liter / hour and 1 refinery capacity of 236 liters of sea water / hour
1 model for islands and the rig sank, including: solar power, seawater 1 refinery capacity midrange 70 liters / hour
1 model for emergencies: 2 purification equipment bangles

The prominent figures:
Save 9 liters of diesel / day (3,385 liters a year)
Reducing emissions 9071 kg / year

The project has contributed actively freshwater resources, improve the quality of life for soldiers and soldiers on the island. In 2016, the project was awarded “Energy Globe Award”

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